Living Arts College hosts our Advisory Board Meeting!
July 14th, 2016



The Living Arts College was filled with industry professionals this past Tuesday night for our picnic themed Advisory Board meeting. Dozens gathered on the red carpet for delicious Turkey Q, drinks and conversation. It was wonderful to connect with old friends and build new relationships in the respective fields.

Creative and medical professionals from the Triangle area were invited and volunteered to sit in for our semi-annual Advisory Board meeting. They discussed industry trends, and assisted the College with the ever-changing world of technology for both creative and medical. Their advice is invaluable to our college and this will help better train and prepare our students for their future careers.

Our student ambassadors were a tremendous help for this event. They were also able to network with industry professionals and listen in during the meetings with the program of their choice. Thank you so much students for everything you do!

These industry experts always prove to be outstanding sources of information and inspiration on the newest techniques, issues, technologies, publications, legislation, and other crucial aspects of education. A big THANK YOU to all the local professionals who made it out!

Local Advertising and Marketing Pro visits Living Arts College
July 14th, 2016



Speaker Bill Harper, CEO of wmHarper Marketing and Advertising agency visited Living Arts College today covering a broad range of topics. He discussed interview techniques, portfolio development, and career advancement.

Mr. Harper stressed “It’s not about you” and to take constructive criticism seriously, but not personally. He explained that the critique is a “win win” making your work and yourself stronger. He also mentioned taking risks in your career, and real world advice on how to get your portfolio to the right people.

Another point Mr. Harper brought up was professional attire. The applicant should be appropriate to the style of the company, speak their language, and never interrupt someone who is speaking, listening is key. If rejected for the position, he suggested to offer a recommendation to the employer. This will win points showing you care about others and could lead to re-consideration for that position or company.

It was an educational and engaging experience for both students and faculty, and we are grateful to him for offering us his expertise.



Living Arts College enjoys the North Carolina Museum of Art
June 10th, 2016



Living Arts College Professor Dea Varone’s Visual Construction AD101 class enjoys morning at the NCMA in Raleigh. The group toured the East and West buildings and enjoyed time outdoors in the museum park.

“I’m definitely going to go back” Nathan Malcom – First year Animation Student

The students viewed the permanent collections from contemporary art to the fluid sculptures of Rodin. The 164-acre Museum Park is home to more than a dozen monumental works of art, with artists actively involved in the restoration of the Park’s landscape and the integration of art into its natural systems.

The NCMA’s permanent collection had its beginning in 1947 when the North Carolina General Assembly appropriated $1 million for the purchase of works of art, making North Carolina the first state in the nation to use public funds to buy art.

They all took part in a beautiful afternoon of learning about various collections of artwork & culture.

May 9th, 2016



Animation and Game Design student Cindy Nguyen is now working at Breakiron Animation & Design as a “Rigger”. Cindy’s job is currently a contract job, but she hopes it will lead to full time work when she graduates. She was discovered at The East Coast Game Conference that Living Arts suggested she attend.

Breakiron interviewed her at the conference and gave her the job after being impressed by Cindy’s demo reel. Living Arts students get the jobs while still in school! Way to go Cindy!


Professional Development Day
May 4th, 2016



On April 27, Living Arts College hosted the College’s Spring Professional Development Day. This quarter, the Professional Services department planned a breakfast for the students, a guest speaker and a part-time job fair with local businesses around the area.

The students were treated to a continental breakfast in the morning before our job fair. We then had a wonderful guest speaker talk to the students about their career vision. Deb Oronzio, certified life coach and founder of Self-Empower Coaching, discussed how to find success, significance, and satisfaction in one’s current or future career. She really had the students engaged, she covered how to professionally handle themselves while networking and during an interview, and creating a brand for themselves. All the students were inspired after listening to our guest speaker, they even signed up for a free one on one consultation. Thank you so much Deb Oronzio for a very informative talk!

Afterwards, students met with local businesses around the area hiring for part-time jobs! We had Lowes Home Improvement, Milton’s Pizza and Pasta, Harris Teeter, and more! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to visit our college and meet with our students! It was a great morning!


Film produced in association with Living Arts now playing!
May 4th, 2016



Union Bound
The Movie now playing at the Wakefield Marquee
Raleigh NC

Living Arts College’s Associate Professor Craig Brandwynne along with his company Center Sound Records; lead the audio production team for this Uptone Pictures film, UNION BOUND. Living Arts College was happy to be a part of the production. Several students worked on this film during the filming and audio post-production process. Audio
instructor Nicholas Bagwell headed up the location Audio team while Craig Brandwynne produced and composed some of the film’s music and was the audio production and the music supervisor.


*** Jeremy Allred … sound effects editor
** Nicholas Bagwell … dialogue editor / sound mixer
** Craig Brandwynne … supervising sound editor
* Maxwell Gratzer … sound effects editor
* Arnold Hernandez … sound effects editor
Keaton Lusk … boom operator / sound mixer
*** Thomas McCullough … boom operator
* Louis Roussell … boom operator / sound mixer
* Brian West … boom operator

* Faculty
** Current Student at the time of production
*** Alumni

Living Arts College and its association with local film companies are proud to be on the credits and involved with these productions. Not only do our student get an opportunity to work in the field, they get to go to the movie theater and see their name and hear their work on the big screen. We are very proud of our faculty, staff and students.

Living Arts grads make Virtual Reality breakthrough!
April 29th, 2016



Local VR media pioneer studio, started in-part by Living Arts College grads, makes a major breakthrough!

Digital Light Brigade (DLB), based out of Raleigh, NC, is a pioneer in providing VR experiences, equipment and services. DLB also does Virtual Reality hardware and software evaluations on request. Its Co-Founders invite you to become a part of their vision by joining DLB innovative initiatives at

DLB recently announced its successful configuration and test of a 360° spherical camera cluster using six separate but synchronized, GoPro Hero 4 Session cameras to create a Ultra HD, 360 degree capture. According to DLB Co-Founder, Chad DiGirolamo, “To my knowledge, no one has attempted anything like this yet using the Hero 4 Session cameras. The light weight, high action, HD cameras are new to the scene, but the technology was ripe for some virtual reality experimentation. So we took it on…”

You can read the rest of the press release here:

“This Press Release marks the beginnings of my new venture with my son Chad Di Girolamo. It’s history in the making as Digital Light Brigade pioneers and leads perhaps the greatest leap in everyone’s media experience with virtual reality, or as we say, ‘Life All Around.’ Enjoy the ride!” – Vinny Di Girolamo, Owner DLB

Di Girolamo’s son Chad along with Chad’s brother and sister are all alumni of Living Arts College.

Read more about DLB’s exciting news here:

You can check out Chad’s animation reel here:


East Coast Game Conference
April 22nd, 2016



Our Living Arts Students and Graduates attended the East Coast Game Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina April 20th and 21st! It was a record turnout for the conference with companies such as the power house Epic Games to small indie studios gracing the floor. VR (Virtual Reality) was the big draw this year and the students got to experience VR first hand. Lead Game Designer and Founder of Junction Point, Warren Spector was ECGC’s keynote who spoke about the ever changing game industry and narrative.

The students and graduates had the opportunity to network with many notable studios. One of the highlights from the conference was the Career Lounge! Each year, students from universities meet industry professionals to have their portfolios critiqued to improve their skills and get ready for their careers. Derrick Nsibuka a graduate of LAC met with Eric Peterson, former CEO and Art Director from Vicious Cycle Software, Inc. to review his character models. The advice given by these professionals are invaluable! Everyone enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to attending next year!
Thank you ECGC for another great year!

Congressman Butterfield Event
April 22nd, 2016



Our student and soon to be graduate Juan Varon had the opportunity to attend a film event for Congressman G.K Butterfield of North Carolina. Juan attended with Wayne Moseley from Admissions. This was a big event for the Congressman who made 3 stops in North Carolina to promote job opportunities in our state.

Juan is an upcoming graduate and is passionate about all aspects of Film and Interactive Media. While filming, G.K Butterfield discussed hot topics such as Immigration, Student Loans, and promoting community colleges. One of the highlights mentioned was the Congressman proposed a 4 year place for a new transport system for the Raleigh area.


Local Rotary Club Tours Living Arts College
April 20th, 2016



On Monday, April 11th, the Wakefield Rotary club held their monthly meeting at Living Arts College. Vice President and Campus Director, Debra Hooper, shared the history of the college, including stories of the origin of the dome-shaped buildings.

After a quick meal, the large ensemble was divided into two groups that toured the campus. One tour was hosted by Mrs. Hooper, and the other followed Vince Gardner, program chair of Interactive Media.

Many of the Rotarians were parents or grandparents of potential students, and many promised to bring back their respective students to tour the school.